Tim Horton’s Employee Quits, Retires At 26 After Betting Entire $892,329 Jackpot On Bitcoin!

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It’s been a rollercoaster for Jared Termaat. He was never financially successful until he won the Progressive Jackpot From Captain Cook’s Online Casino worth over $892,000. With the new inflow of capital, he’s making a huge bet on the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. His investment is paying INSANE dividends (He more than tripled his money in December 2017). Here is how everything changed for Jared.

“No one expected me to be a millionaire, I didn’t even expect it myself,” Jared said with a grin. “I’m very lucky”.

It all changed when Jared was surfing on Facebook during a smoke break at work. He saw a message about a new online casino, already a hit in the United States. They gave 80 Free Spins out as an introduction for new members! That I had to try, I had little to lose!" he said. At first, Jared did not win, so he deposited for another go around. 18 spins later later he hit gold!

In his eighteenth turn Jared won the progressive jackpot of 'Captain Cook's' "Mermaid's Treasure" game, and took home $892,329 in less than 5 minutes. This was more than 30 times his annual salary! It didn’t take him long to risk his jackpot on the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. “I thought I could use this money to make even more. I was right.”

“I did not believe it." Jared said "At first I thought the app was fake, some American scam. So I cashed out and didn't expect anything. A few days later I checked my bank account and saw a balance of over 800k! Once I saw the money in my bank account I knew it was true”

Against the advice of his parents, he invested the lump sum into Bitcoin. “I was familiar with Bitcoin since I spent a lot of time on the computer. My investment is worth more than $2,000,000. I already took out the initial investment and now I am along for the ride.

“All of my peers are in disbelief, some even resent my wealth, unfortunately.” Jared said.

And though Jared might be the biggest winner of Captain Cook's giveaway, he is certainly not the only one who benefited from the free spins. Since the beginning of the promotion a few months ago, worldwide more than 497 players have won a combined total of over ten million dollars. Patrick Groenendijk (pictured right) had earlier won more than 600 thousand, and is now on permanent vacation in the Canary Islands. However, all beautiful things come to an end. And it seems that the giveaway is quickly coming to an end.

Gambling industry expert Alan Silver shares his thoughts on this sensation , "What you often see in new online casinos is that they run a huge loss in the beginning because they have a lot of money off roads to come in the hope of new customers. That makes this the perfect time to score well with Captain Cook. Once a customer base is established winning becomes much harder therefore it is very important to capitalize on new casino games and capture all the winnings you can . "

ATV journalist Marieke Kessel tried it herself. She won $190 after 7 minutes. "Unfortunately, it's not as much as Jared but I'm not complaining."

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  • Charlotte Tegelstein
    I saw this on a couple of blogs that I follow. Where they give people free spins to help them win in order to gain brand awareness. Haha, I'm not complaining! Hopefully I'm still in time to enroll!
  • Ruby Ethard
    Perfect timing then! This is exactly what my husband and I need to pay our bills! Wish me luckkk ..
  • Ben Hofland
    Hmmm, okay, I just won $250. It is not 900k, but hey I can go fine dining with this ahahahah!
    • Sophie Steenhorst
      Hmm now I am really going to try this. Who knows, maybe I win some money and I can finally quit my job! Has anyone tried this here?
  • Emily Janssen
    @@Quincy Try it, it worked for me! Last week I won about $900. Haters keep hating .. but winners try new things. So .. try it dude!
  • Quincy Klaassen
    What a load of shit. This must be fake, screw these patties.
  • Bert Broersen
    My brother works at a competitor of Captain Cook and he told me that this site is notorious for its simple way in order to earn quick money. So I tried these games: "Mermaids Treasure," "Shiswood Surprise" and "Crack the Safe” and won between 2 and 4 times my deposit !!
  • Mara van Daveren
    I'm a frequent gambler on the Internet and in all the forums I visited them to talk about the Captain Cook. It is rumored that they are going to be the biggest online gambling site in the world within three years, and for this reason they give so many free credits away. They do so in order to retain customers. The time to cash is NOW !!!
  • Ellen Broekkooi
    Ah, I've heard of this! My stepbrother won $2500 with the free credits you get from them. Not a bad deal, go there yourself now, you have nothing to lose.
  • Sharon Kim
    @Jan Drinking and smoking destroyes lives! You have to make calculated decisions. Everybody gambles sometimes and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you keep in check!
  • Jan Schaapskooi
    Gambling destroyed lives! You can not do this, this is a shame!

Jared Is Not The First Winner This Month

Jared Termaat is not the first Canadian resident who suddenly became rich with 80 Free Spins of Captain Cook. Patrick Groenendijk (pictured) won $662,112 last month during a bathroom break. He took off his uniform and permanently left his job as Assistant Manager at a local retail store. Now he is on a permanent vacation at the Canary Islands! Patrick had this to day “I still can’t believe it, this type of stuff doesn’t happen to people like me.”

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